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DigiTally connects you directly with City of Tallahassee staff in order to more effectively and efficiently resolve issues in our community.

Here's how it works:
1. See something that needs to be fixed?
2. Submit a service request and even attach a photo.
3. City Staff receive the request and fix the problem!
4. You get notified when the service request is completed.

Users can monitor requests and provide comments. You can also check out the latest community news and events, find a park, adopt a pet or check to see when your next yard waste collection day is.

Download the app to get stay involved with your City today!


Whether you're hiking, biking, or looking for a new trail to explore, the TallyParks app allows you to find the best parks and trails that Tallahassee has to offer. TallyParks highlights some of the hidden gems within the city that are not available through other map services.

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The ParkMobile app is free for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. Once motorists create an account through the app, they can view available parking spaces and pay for them from their mobile device. Using signage posted near the meter, motorists can enter the zone number, choose a duration time and click "start parking." The app will also send alerts to motorists when their purchased time is about to expire. Motorists can extend their parking time directly from the app.

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The Tallahassee Police Department app is your one stop connection to TPD. Featuring real time notifications, communications, and updated information you will be able to see events and keep aware of incidents occurring in your area as well as keeping in touch with Tallahassee police.

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Tallahassee Bystander

Tallahassee Bystander lets you capture incidents with videos automatically streamed to your city government, privately, securely, and whether you're online or offline.

Featured Web Apps

Driver Information

The Tallahassee Driver Information System is a feature of our state-of-the-art Tallahassee Advanced Traffic Management System (TATMS). Statistical information about the traffic congestion and be viewed using the Level of Service (LOS) and Volume over Capacity layers in the application.

Electrical Outages

This search provides a auto-suggest of valid address as you type. To run the search a address must be select from the list provided. Once an address is selected the map will zoom to and display the select property.

Outages are represented by red transparent shape on the map. There is at least one outage for each red area on the map. A number representing the number of outages per area can be seen by zooming in.

City Owned Real Estate

View Real Estate that is owned and managed by the City of Tallahassee.

Street Ownership and Functional Class

View who owns and maintains a street and see the street's functional class.

Tallahassee Online Police Statistics

Displays crime, traffic crash, and quality of life data specific to the City of Tallahassee (Tallahassee Police Dept.).

Thinking About Personal Pollution

The goal of this site is to provide a WaterDropTool, for use in association with the TAPP Campaign, to educate residents about the flow of water from their property, in order to help protect our local lakes, sinks and streams from the effects of personal pollution.

Underground Utility Services

Find out if gas, sewer, and water service is available at your location.