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City Leadership

As your City Commission, we are elected to serve you, the citizens of Tallahassee. We appreciate this important responsibility granted to us and take pride in efforts to enhance the quality of life enjoyed by residents, who we are privileged to call neighbors and friends. It is our hope that you will connect with us on issues that you feel important and share your ideas for making Tallahassee an even more vibrant Capital City. By having an open dialogue and working together, we can ensure that Tallahassee continues to thrive.

City Commissioners


To be the national leader in the delivery of public service.


A creative capital city that supports a strong community with vibrant neighborhoods; an innovative economic and educational hub serving diverse and passionate people, protecting our natural resources and preserving our unique character.


• Honor public trust through ethical behavior
• Provide exceptional citizen service
• Lead with integrity at every level
• Collaborate to reach common goals
• Invest in employee excellence
• Promote equity and celebrate diversity

Our City Commission

Mayor John E. Dailey

John E. Dailey

Commissioner Curtis Richardson

Curtis Richardson

Jacqueline 'Jack' Porter

Jacqueline "Jack" Porter

Commissioner Jeremy Matlow

Jeremy Matlow

Mayor Pro-Tem Dianne Williams-Cox

Mayor Pro-Tem
Dianne Williams-Cox

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Our Appointed Officials

City Manager Reese Goad

Reese Goad

Inspector General Dennis R. Sutton

Inspector General
Dennis R. Sutton

City Treasure-Clerk James O. Cooke

Cooke, IV

City Attorney Cassandra K. Jackson

City Attorney Cassandra K.

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