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Real Estate Management

The Real Estate Management Department is the real estate arm of the City of Tallahassee. Real Estate Management is responsible for all City real estate acquisitions and sales, easements, cemetery operations, property management, parking garages and real estate inventory.

Cemetery Operations
To purchase cemetery plots, please call 850-545-5842
Kenneson Cemetery Survey

To learn more, visit the cemetery operations page.

Property Management

  • Renaissance Building, 435 N Macomb Street
  • Gemini Building, 408 N Adams Street
  • Maintenance of real estate held for future use, development or surplus

Real Estate Acquisitions

  • Right-of-way and capital project acquisitions for public service such as roads, power lines, sewer lines and storm water
  • Properties and facilities for City operations
  • Properties for economic development and affordable housing

Real Estate Sales

Property Management annually reviews the City's real estate inventory to determine if we have surplus property to offer to sale to the public. If so, each such property is typically offered through a bid process, advertising through local media and BidSync. If we do not receive an acceptable bid, the parcel(s) may be listed for sale with local realtors.

  • Surplus properties no longer needed for City operations
  • Properties purchased for economic development and affordable housing
  • Remainders from capital projects

For more information about real estate sales, see the real estate sales page.

Parking Garages
For parking rates and information, call the City of Tallahassee at 850-891-4968. The two main City-owned parking garages are:

  • Kleman Plaza, 306 S. Duval St.
  • Eastside Parking Garage, 215 S. Calhoun Street

For information about these and the surface lots owned by the City, see the parking facilities page.


  • Easements for City operations and utilities
  • Easements for private developers for new development projects
  • Release of easements
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