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StarMetro, the City of Tallahassee's mass transportation system, invites Tallahassee to "Think Transit."

Projects in the works that need your feedback include StarMetro's Comprehensive Operational Analysis, a yearlong effort to create a 10-year strategy for system development, and the design phase of the Southside Transit Center, which was approved by the City Commission last year.

South Side Transit Center (SSTC)

Project Overview

To help StarMetro ensure public transportation is accessible, efficient and equitable, The City of Tallahassee has identified construction of a Southside Transit Center (SSTC) on the northwest corner of Orange Avenue and Meridian Street as a strategic initiative. The SSTC will be a major step in assuring Tallahassee has an efficient transit network supported by leading public transit services. This parcel of land is located within the larger Orange/Meridian Placemaking Project, including stormwater improvements and other related infrastructure needs. These combined efforts in combination with increased service and transit amenities provided by the SSTC will improve economic, education, residential and business opportunities for the Southside and Tallahassee at large.

What should we expect?

StarMetro and the consultant will conduct significant community outreach and engagement with the adjoining, affected and serving communities before, during and after the project. Community engagements will seek input on route and facility needs as well as the look and design of the facility itself.

30-60% Conceptual Site Plan

A concept map of the future location and design of the SSTC

Based on success Phase 1 and Phase 2 community outreach, a facility and service needs assessment and certain land use regulations, this 30%-60% design rendering is the programmatic footprint for the building and the site. This allows consultants to begin permitting and working on more detailed site and internal/external building elements.

Southside Transit Center's Phase 3, running March through June 2023, will include more community meetings on the functional design and operations as well as amenities. This will coincide with updating and finalizing the 60% design.

Community Engagement & Design Summary

StarMetro's Southside Transit Center will be the first public transit center built in our community since C.K. Steele Plaza in the 1980s. Today, land regulation, urban planning, transit development and local, state, and federal building and permitting requirements are much more advanced.

This creates a robust process where the many stages and levels of due diligence and compliance required to build a project of this nature gives all stakeholders, especially community members, an opportunity to evaluate decisions and provide input at many steps along the way to breaking ground.

Building a new transit center from the ground up will be a multi-year coordinated effort led by StarMetro/City of Tallahassee and under the purview of the Florida Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration.

The community engagement and design portion of this project, broken into four phases, is part of the exciting, multi-faceted process of creating more equitable transportation options for the southside of Tallahassee.

Join us in helping shape the future of transportation in Tallahassee and the opportunities a transit center can provide for the Southside.

SSTC Phase 3 is Underway

StarMetro is in Phase 3 of the Southside Transit Center Community Engagement plan. During Phase 3, StarMetro is sharing the 30-60 percent conceptual design with community members to explain current planning and design decisions and to solicit feedback, ideas and requests. Phase 3 will include more in-person and virtual opportunities for residents to engage in the process. Please check the calendar below or follow us on social media for event information. If you are interested in scheduling a Southside Transit Center discussion at your next neighborhood/organization meeting or would like a Southside Transit Center information table at your community event, please email Allie Fleming.

Check Out This Community Engagement

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 6 Southside Transit Center Day (View Flyer)

  • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • Corner of Orange Ave and Meridian St.

Previous Events

March 30, 2023 Community Kickoff Meeting
February 15, 2022 Virtual Community Meeting
April 14, 2021 Virtual Community Meeting
February 17, 2021 Virtual Community Meeting
All Community Engagement

StarMetro 2021-2022 Major Update – Project Overview

Together, the efforts below will craft a short-term action plan to strengthen existing transit services and a longer-term strategy for system development over a 10-year planning horizon.

TDP: StarMetro completed and the City Commission approved the Transit Development Plan (TDP) Major Update in June 2021. While the TDP is a required document to receive funding from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), it also serves as a strategic planning document.

Click here to review document

COA: StarMetro is currently working on the Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA). The COA will take a deep dive into StarMetro's existing service operations to identify ways to capitalize on system strengths and address weaknesses.

View TDP Major Update
View COA Presentation
View 2021-2023 StarMetro Planning Timeline

What should we expect?

  • The project team will meet with stakeholders throughout this process, including the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), CareerSource Capital Region and many others.
  • Riders should expect community engagement  from Spring – Fall  2023.

State of the System

About the State of the System Report - The State of the System report provides a starting point for Think Transit through an evaluation of existing services and a detailed understanding of transit markets, demand, and service need in Tallahassee. As a first step in understanding the strengths and opportunities associated with the existing system, this document provides an overview of:

  • StarMetro services, network, and operating characteristics
  • Ridership trends
  • Collaborations and partnerships with community organizations and institutions
  • Transit markets defined according to population, employment, and socioeconomic characteristics as well as activity centers and commute patterns
  • How well existing services are matched with demand and community needs The report concludes with a description of system strengths and opportunities for transit improvements for Tallahassee residents and people who travel to Tallahassee for school, work, and as visitors.
View the State of the System Report

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