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Veterinary volunteers administer a shotOur Vet Team Volunteer Program is designed for pre-veterinary students, vet tech students, and other individuals with an interest in the veterinary profession. This is a great opportunity to explore veterinary medicine and gain needed experience to obtain future employment in a veterinary hospital or apply to veterinary school. Many of our former volunteers have gone on to attend veterinary schools around the world.

Volunteers work directly with our Vet Team assisting with patient care, veterinary exams, diagnostics and our surgery program. Our Vet Team is dedicated to the care of homeless animals in our community and they work closely with our animal sheltering team to ensure that every animal receives appropriate and timely medical treatment. They also work closely with City and County animal control officers assisting with forensic veterinary services, as the need arises. In addition to the urgent and emergent medical care provided to the animals, the Vet Team is responsible for surgical sterilization of all adoptable animals.

Vet Team Volunteers will primarily assist with:

  • Caring for medical cases
  • Pre-surgery exams and medical exams
  • Prepping patients for surgery
  • Post-operative patient monitoring
  • Surgical instrument cleaning and sterilization
  • Diagnostics tests
  • Maintaining a clean environment in the vet suite

Shaving for surgeryRequired Commitment:
Vet Team Volunteer applicants must have completed 1 semester (~4 months) of shelter volunteer work prior to applying for this program. Once accepted, Vet Team Volunteers must commit to a regular schedule of 2-3 hours per week.

All Vet Team Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or a senior in high school to participate. All current volunteers are welcome to apply; however, preference will be given to pre-veterinary students and current vet tech students. After completing your first semester as a Vet Team Volunteer, you will receive an evaluation and may be invited to return the following semester. Returning volunteers will be given priority in scheduling.

Please Note:
Vet Team Volunteers are selected per semester. (Spring, Summer, Fall) Due to limited space, we may ask you to reapply if the current semester is already full.

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