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2023 Adopt a Tree Program

All trees for the 2023 Program are now taken - be sure to check back in November for the 2024 Program!

Every year, the City of Tallahassee provides and plants trees for eligible homeowners, in an effort to increase the urban forest canopy. The trees, depending on the species, are between 5 and 8 feet in height and are species native or cultivars of native species to the southeast. Eligible homeowners living within the City limits may request up to 2 trees to be planted in the front yard within 100’ of the centerline of the roadway and agree to keep each tree watered for one (1) year.

Tree species offered this year:

Nuttall Oak

Nuttall Oak is one of the most diverse varieties of the oaks - it works well as a street tree or shade tree, can adapt to wet soils, and tolerate moderate drought conditions. It has a beautiful canopy that changes from yellow to orange to red, displaying those wonderful fall colors! This species is fast growing and can reach upwards of 80 feet at maturity, but the canopy spread stays relatively narrow, only reaching 45 ft max in width.

Pond Cypress

Pond Cypress is an adaptable and wind-tolerant species features a conical silhouette that loses its needles each winter and grows a new set in the spring. Its foliage begins with a soft, bright green that turns rich shades of orange, red, and golden brown in the fall. This tree is a spectacular feature along pond edges or within rain gardens but can also be grown in dry locations. This tree is virtually maintenance-free, requiring no pruning, and is pest and disease-resistant! This fast-growing canopy tree can reach between 45 to 60 feet at maturity, so it does need plenty of space.

Flatwoods Plum

Flatwoods Plum is a Florida native species is typically found in the hammocks and woodlands of our region. It features showy white blooms that attract a variety of pollinators, especially bees, and provides fall fruits for birds and other wildlife. Flatwoods Plum does best in moist soils with afternoon shade but is tolerant of drier soils and sun. It is a long-lived perennial species that grows between 12 and 20 feet in height.

Only one Flatwoods Plum per property will be available due to a limited supply of this tree. This tree is only available for properties with overhead power lines or limited planting space. All requests for this tree will be reviewed before approval and planting.

All trees for the 2023 Program are now taken - be sure to check back in November for the 2024 Program!

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