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Community Gardening

About Community Gardening

The City of Tallahassee is happy to assist citizens in the development of community gardens. From victory gardens during World War II to the creation of the Florida A&M Orange Avenue garden, Tallahassee has a long history of urban agriculture. Today, a new energy about local food and healthy living has swept the nation, reaching Leon County in various forms; community organizations, new small business, school curriculums, community supported agriculture, and a proliferation of farmer's markets.

The City encourages citizens to work with their neighbors to build, cultivate, and maintain gardens on public lands. The benefits are numerous. Not only can a household introduce fresh produce into their diet, but community gardening is an excellent way to build community too! Meet your neighbors. Exchange growing tips with a child. Improve security by taking back a vacant lot.

We are here to assist in this endeavor. Please review the documents and resources provided below, and always feel free to contact our office at 850-891-8795.

How do you get started?
City staff and Tallahassee Food Network are available to assist you and your neighbors in establishing a community garden. Please review the application materials listed below. You may contact the Tallahassee Food Network with any questions. The Tallahassee Food Network Staff is available to discuss potential city-owned properties in your neighborhood that are appropriate for gardens, garden design, and proper siting on the property.

  1. Application for a New Community Garden
  2. Pledge of Commitment and Public Support Petition
  3. Mandatory Rules and Operating Procedures
  4. Waiver of Liability (Individuals and Adopter Group)

Where are city-owned parcels available? You can find city-owned parcels here:
City of Tallahassee Real Estate Inventory

What about Water?
Water Meters are available for community gardens! Please fill out the Application for Water Service and submit with your Community Garden application.

Resource Materials
The following sources offer a wealth and variety of information. From the initial community organizing to planting schedules for north Florida, these resources will aid gardeners at each step toward a successful garden.

National sources

Regional sources

Local sources

Garden Organization

Technical Resources


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